I Bought A CD!

by maxcharge

I just bought a CD online! Lately, even as a completely broke college graduate, I’ve been trying to pay for the music of artists I really like (so, there’s minimum risk – I already know I’ll likely love the album.) As an independent musician myself, I’m honestly conflicted about the free sharing of music and piracy  – I’m not sure which side I stand on quite yet. But, before we get into that whole conversation, I just wanted to share that I bought a CD, which, in this day and age, is pretty cool. I’m young enough to remember  before MP3 players – I used to rock one of these guys – but almost all music I’ve bought in the past five years has been digital. So, I’m really excited to get my CD in the mail. Whoo!

If you’re wondering, the music itself is by a little known Quebeqois artist named Nicolas Boulerice. I’ve been listening to lots of Scottish and Cape Breton Fiddling – which is very different from the stereotypical southern/midwestern fiddling – and after hearing this guy, I loved the music. You can hear some samples here.

I’ve been contemplating my next few posts, and have a few good ideas – about being late, about staying productive over long periods of time, about motivation and weakness, and about working alongside doctors. So, I hope you stay with me!

PS: When I studied economics in college, I got to research a fantastic paper on music piracy. It’s a little science-y, but very approachable – so, skip all the math and econ talk, skim, and learn lots of really interesting facts! Plus, it has an awesome name.