A Month Off Facebook

by maxcharge

Today, I needed to briefly log onto Facebook to check in with a connection. There was no way around it, so I interrupted my month-long hiatus to step back in. It depressed me. I know this has everything do with me and not the website, but I realized that for now, I feel better away from FB. The people that need to find me will find me. At first, I was trying to log on all the time, but these days my mind has almost let go. By nurture, I’ll sometimes type in the domain name once every few days, but the trusty “No Procrastination” extension keeps me grounded. It’s not time yet.

I did what I needed to do and deactivated. I’m sure I’ll come back to it at some point in the future, but it’s definitely not that time yet.

In other news, this may be the current soundtrack to my summer, and the best album I’ve found in months.