An Ideas Guy

by maxcharge

I had delicious ramen to celebrate an awesome friend Sarah’s belated birthday yesterday, and we had a cool conversation about branding. In particular, I told her I had trouble coming up with my elevator pitch. In part, it’s because I’m not sure exactly what kind of role I want to be in – though I usually say strategy, branding, (ironically enough,) partnerships, or marketing. More than that, though, it’s because I’m having a trouble identifying a pattern in my experience. I’ve been doing music my whole life, but I don’t see myself following the professional musician path. However, co-founding Explorchestra, a composers’ orchestra,  is my greatest achievement to date. I studied behavioral economics, love decision making theory and and incentives, and worked in finance out of college. I have a few Java classes under my belt, and am currently studying up on more Java, HTML/CSS, and Ruby. For a while now, I’ve been designing an ultra-slim laptop bag. I go to entrepreneur meetups all the time, and see my path in start-ups, ideally hardware. I’ve been playing around with an Arduino. I currently work in healthcare IT, connecting medical staff with better software.

So what the hell do I say to people when they ask me “what do you do?” Sarah had no trouble summing it up: “you’re an ideas guys. You come up with ideas and you make things.” I like that. I don’t know how it’d fly at parties, but it’s a really good way to sum up my mindset. Thanks, Sarah! I have half a mind to go to some other old friends I have and ask them how they see me. It might be a really useful exercise.