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Month: July, 2016

Chasing My Own Tail

I’ve noticed a pattern – I spend my week at work fantasizing about cool projects I want to tackle and the skills I’ll need to learn to complete these projects. However, when I can carve out a day, escape away to a quiet coffeeshop somewhere, and try to focus on my own work, I often don’t know where to begin. I need to figure out a way to structure this better.

I also need to decide on my first weekly challenge.


Weekly Challenges

Back in college, I started taking up a challenge a week, where I made a small change to my life, and committed to follow through for a week. Just a week – which is usually no big. Consistency, discipline,¬†and follow-through continue to be the biggest challenge in my life – I tend to work best in bursts, and when other people count on me (some would say “typical ENFP“) – so this might be a good way to explore some ideas with a defined¬†commitment.