Weekly Challenge – Tracking Time


I’m writing this on a wave of inspiration, but I’m going to try and ride it out as far as I can. Motivation is a fickle beast, but it’s the best I’ve got for now, so I want to jump in before my brain has a chance to shut me down.

I have a habit of putting aside starting things until a conveniently even date – on the hour, tomorrow, starting Monday, so fuck that. I’m starting this challenge RIGHT NOW. 

CHALLENGE: I’m going to track every single thing I do until the end of next Friday. In the next couple of hours, I’m going to make a concrete schedule, and will do my best to stick to it as closely as I can. But, even if I don’t manage to accomplish everything I set out to do, I’ll still track every single minute of my time.

My next week happens to be wide open, and I’ve got a ton of stuff I want to and need to accomplish. Yet, I often find myself wading through a mess of unorganized ambitions and getting nothing done. Then, I start to work for weeks on end, and spend my waking hours at the hospital dreaming of all the stuff I want to accomplish.

I’ve always looked up to those super-organized people and have long accepted that being consistent is a persistent weakness for me. Well, this week, I want to take things into overdrive, and actually be that hyper-organized person. And, as usual, if it sucks – it’s only a week.